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Power up peer-to-peer recognition with eCards custom made for your people and brand

Continuous recognition from managers and peers is proven to enhance morale, improve your overall Employee Value Proposition and retain your top performers. Reward Gateway eCards help celebrate and spread best practices while ensuring people see the impact of what they do. Our Design Team will create memorable, branded eCards specific to your values to ensure every recognition moment feels authentic and meaningful.

Empower and engage employees with the right peer-to-peer recognition programme

Let our peer-to-peer employee recognition programme put recognition at the heart of your company culture, giving employees the tools to create more frequent and multi-directional moments of recognition. Our platform delivers:

examples of custom ecards

Custom-designed eCards

Motivate your people with one-of-a-kind eCards that reflect your unique culture, values and more

peer to peer recognition at work

Your values in action

Showcase the good and great behaviours so that others can see and understand what success looks like

social recognition with reactions

The power of social

Inspire company-wide collaboration by spotlighting successes and bringing others into the celebration

Build connections with eCards that celebrate moments that matter

eCards are an easy way to recognise colleagues for their achievements, welcome them to the team, stay connected while working remotely or adjusting to a hybrid working model, and so much more. Our peer-to-peer recognition programme includes:


tailored to your brand, your values and your goals


Social interactions

with real-time recognition feeds


Custom options

to schedule or send segmented eCards


Real-time alerts

to ensure immediate notification

Peer-to-peer recognition designed to fit your brand, values and goals

A recognition programme should reflect your distinct employer brand. That’s why our dedicated branding team works with you to design a portfolio of eCards that are completely unique to your goals and brand, right down to the colour palette, imagery and messaging. Then employees select the recipient, choose the eCard, write their message and hit ‘Send.’ It’s that simple.

Schedule moments to celebrate and track employee highlights

With our recognition tools, you can schedule eCards to go out on first days, anniversaries and birthdays, as well as segment eCard types to embrace all special moments within the employee experience. Categorise eCards into groups such as company values, business goals, department-specific messages and anything else you can think of! Managers can view team dashboards to gain insight into the who, what, why and where on eCard delivery.


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“It’s really, really helping those leaders and managers who can’t be everywhere at every one time connect with people in other locations. We’ve got employees all around the world and leaders wanting to recognise them, so it’s brilliant to be able to message and recognise them on the go, from wherever they are.”

Talent Acquisition and Employer Communications Manager at Charles Tyrwhitt

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