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Discover a flexible benefits system to support your people and your HR team

Use award-winning Reward Gateway technology to simplify flexible benefits management and administration for your HR team. Reduce the administrative burden with a streamlined, user-friendly platform to consolidate and showcase flexible benefits alongside other offerings in the best way possible, boosting benefits uptake exponentially in one, unified place.

Let our flexible benefits system elevate the employee experience

A powerful flexible benefits system can drive significant engagement with all that your company has to offer its people, leading to higher ROI on benefits and happier employees. Use our flexible benefits platform to: 

benefits centre example

Support your entire workforce

Increase employee support with flexible benefits that drive uptake among employees no matter where they work

happy employee

Reduce administration

Save time for your HR team by automating and streamlining employee benefits

benefits visibility

Increase benefits visibility

Help your people understand their full benefits package at a glance with a Total Reward Statement

Bring your total reward offerings to life

Our technology gives you the control to easily change and adapt benefits as needed, including annual benefits, anytime benefits, wellbeing programmes, recognition, and more. Our platform provides: 

One centralised hub

Real-time reporting


Timely employee alerts

Boost uptake by up to 300% and amplify usage

Clients who have moved to the Reward Gateway flexible benefits system have seen over 300% increase in uptake with employees understanding where to find, access and activate their flexible benefits programmes quickly and easily. For more visibility, employees (and their employers) can use a Total Reward Statement to calculate and display value and details on benefits, even those outside of Reward Gateway, including non-monetary benefits, such as volunteer days.

Customise the benefits experience in one place

Create a unique, user-friendly employee experience, with a branded platform to enhance your employer brand. We’ve made it easy to deliver simple benefits, such as season ticket loans or wellbeing allowances, as well as rule-based flexible benefits, such as health or dental insurance, or retirement benefits. Simplify access and enrolment by delivering it all to your people on one, unified hub alongside your other people initiatives.


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Ian Dockerill

Royal Mail Employee Share Plans & Benefits Manager, Group HR at Royal Mail

“Difficulty registering and then poor user experience on our previous flex solution created over 50% of enquiries into the helpline. We are now seeing improved levels of engagement from employees, which means they like it – not because the main benefits have changed, but because they are now more easily accessible. Now we have senior leaders using our platform and openly promoting it.”

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