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Provide immediate support to help your employees manage cost of living increases with leading employee discounts

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Reward Gateway offers the largest employee discounts scheme in the world. Employee benefits, such as discounts, shows you appreciate your employees and supports their financial wellbeing, without the expense of a company wide pay rise. 

Use employee discounts to:

  • Improve your Employee Value Proposition with employee benefits to stand out as a preferred employer
  • Launch an employee discounts programme in as little as 48 hours to support your people with everyday savings at hundreds of leading retailers. 
  • Show appreciation to your staff and help them extend their disposable income without a big organisational expense

Reward Gateway is proud to be a leader in global employee engagement

“The new hub launched in February 2019. I'm immensely proud of our engagement platform. Employees are saving over £600,000 a year. Every time I log on to myENGIE, I have a visual reminder of everything our small team has accomplished over the last few years.”

Vicky Geer

Benefits Manager at Engie UK

The leading employee benefits scheme includes:

Easy to use, transparent discounts

Instant vouchers for online and in-store, and reloadable cards

Generous employee cashback

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Employer-branded mobile app for instant access to discounts

Highest discount rates and unique offers

Our employee discounts scheme is 100% retailer independent, which lets us give you the highest discounts rates and unique offers you can’t find anywhere else. Our relationships also let us offer reloadable cards for several of our partners. Plus, there’s no cost to you (or the employee!) for card or voucher delivery, or top up fees. What you see is what you get, so we can be sure to offer you the best value.

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Customise schemes quickly and easily

Tailor offers on your programme to remove conflicts or competitors and highlight deals particularly relevant to your workforce. Our selection of hundreds of top retailers makes your voluntary benefits programme stand out from the competition to increase your Employee Value Proposition and show appreciation for current and future employees.

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Boost engagement with a mobile app

Available on iPhone and Android, employees can access their employee discounts with a branded mobile app containing Instant Vouchers, Reloadable Cards and Cashback for a complete online and in-store shopping experience on mobile. Plus, no matter where the purchase starts – desktop, smartphone or tablet – your employees will be able to finish it via an intelligent shopping basket.

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Join more than 4,000 other companies who have chosen Reward Gateway as their perks company of choice, including:

FREE eBook: The Cost of Living Crisis Report

72% of global HR Managers feel that cost of living increases are negatively impacting the work of employees. In this research report we explore how employers can best support employees with the ongoing cost of living increases outside of pay.

The Cost of Living Crisis Report

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