WEBINAR: How HR leaders can support employees through the cost of living increase in the immediate term and beyond

Tuesday, 12th July, 1 pm BST

57% of UK employees say the stress from the cost of living increase is negatively impacting their work. 

The financial strain and wellbeing impact on employees from the cost of living increase is putting increasing pressure on employers to better support employees financially, mentally and emotionally. 

However, with 69% of HR decision-makers saying the increasing cost of doing business is negatively impacting their HR budgets for 2022, HR leaders are in a tough position. How can you increase support for your employees while keeping costs down?

Drawing on our recent survey of 1000 employees and over 250 HR decision-makers in the UK, this webinar will give you the exclusive first-look at the results, providing you with key insights and practical advice on how to navigate the cost of living challenges. 

What we’ll discuss: 

  • What employees really need from their employer to help them manage the cost of living increase
  • What HR leaders are prioritising and investing in right now in response to the cost of living increase
  • Programmes you can put in place quickly and cost-effectively to stretch your employees’ disposable income in the immediate term
  • How to develop and implement a holistic wellbeing programme to support your employees’ financial, mental and physical wellbeing needs in 2022 and beyond 


  • Alastair Fitzsimons, Employee Engagement Consultant
  • Danielle Murray, Client Success Manager

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