WEBINAR Tuesday 31st March, 1-2pm BST

How to connect, recognise and support employees during times of uncertainty: Navigating the coronavirus for HR leaders

According to the Edelman Trust Index, people trust their employer more than any other institution. With more employees working remotely, employers have an opportunity to anchor and grow employees’ trust, especially when it comes to ever-changing situations like the coronavirus outbreak. 

During this webinar, you will hear what HR leaders are doing to communicate and support employees during these stressful circumstances.

By joining, you will learn how to:

  • Deliver effective communications around timely situations such as the coronavirus outbreak through real-life examples of how HR leaders are keeping employees informed and safe.
  • Work with your senior leaders to support and communicate with employees.
  • Connect a dispersed workforce with tailored communications and technology.
  • Maintain company culture and morale and keep employees feeling valued and seen through strategic recognition strategies designed for a remote workforce.


  • Alex Powell, Director of Client Engagement and Culture
  • Catrin Lewis, Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications
  • Robert Hicks, Group HR Director

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