How to plan, evidence and write your entry for the Engagement Excellence Awards 2022

Tuesday 21st June, 2:00 - 3:00pm BST

Winning the trophy on Awards night sounds great, doesn’t it? But what’s involved in getting to the finish line and how can you ensure you’ve done everything in your power to take home the prize?

Join this exclusive webinar with Reward Gateway's Chloe Thompson (Head of Content Strategy) and Jenny Fyans (Head of Client Communications) to learn more about this year's Awards and get tips on how to prepare and write a powerful award entry that'll get the judges' heads turning! Chloe and Jenny will cover how to:

  • Plan your entry. We'll share tips on how to choose your category, give yourself enough time and keep up with important deadlines.
  • Evidence your application. Arguably, the most important section. Discover the different ways you can back up the claims you make throughout your entry to ensure you tie your results back to the original objective. The Judges want the facts!
  • Write with a trophy in mind. Once you’ve got the foundations under control, you’ll need to put pen to paper and write a great story. We'll share tips on finding your angle, how to focus your message, and ways to make an impact.

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