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Empower managers with in-person or digital instant awards

Give managers more ways to celebrate great work when they see it happening with either in-person or digital reward delivery. Both options deliver immediate and trackable recognition for frontline employees in retail, warehouse, manufacturing and healthcare environments, as well as those working remotely from home or at an office desk. 

Show appreciation for your frontline, online or on-the-go employees

Create a culture of continuous recognition with manager-led tools that adapt to any work environment and helps:

Celebrate good work


good work as it happens for retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other employees

connect employees


with employees and reinforce values and behaviours wherever they work

gain insights and empower managers with tools


managers with tools to understand how they can best support every employee

Manager rewards designed for business impact


Choose digital or in-person award delivery, or both!



to reflect your unique employer brand and culture


for all employees, no matter what location or role

employee_benefits_ information


through reporting metrics on redemption and more

More ways to reward employees to suit any work environment

Managers can choose from a variety of ways to deliver recognition to ensure the greatest impact. They can send a digital reward while on the go by using the Connect+ mobile app, through their office laptop, or hand deliver a reward in person. Employees can seamlessly redeem all instant awards through our unique Reward Marketplace with millions of reward options.

Reward redemption that delivers 

Provide employees with meaningful rewards quickly and easily. In addition to hundreds of instant e-gift cards, our seamless integration with Amazon guarantees fast delivery and hassle-free returns or exchanges. As always, all rewards are provided at market pricing, meaning employees receive the full value of your reward budget.


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"We used our platform to reward our staff for their incredible hard work and resilience during the height of the pandemic. Our people were able to spend their reward how they liked, and they loved that - especially at the moment when some might prefer to spend it on groceries or essentials, or others might want to treat themselves."

Group Director Communications and Customer Success at Mears

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