The Launch of the RG Foundation

At Reward Gateway, we want the world to be a better place to work. We know that in many parts of the world, both close to where we call home, and further away, there is a lot further to go to achieve that vision.

  • 66 million girls in developing nations are deprived of an education every year, making meaningful work all but impossible.
  • Globally, women are 35% less likely to be in paid work than men and earn around 20% less than men.
  • Entrepreneurs from ethnic minorities start their business with less capital than white entrepreneurs, apply for less credit and get awarded less credit.
  • Millions of people worldwide work in jobs below the poverty line and lack access to the skills, training and support that could provide them with a better life.

We want a world where people can work safely, with fairness and equality, a world where people can go to work and put their creativity and passion to good use. Where they laugh with their friends, care about their colleagues and feel cared for by their company. Where they are recognised and seen for who they are and what they achieve.

That’s why we’ve launched the RG Foundation with a $5 million grant and its own mission to make the world a better place to work. The Foundation will support the amazing organisations and charities that are already working doing great work in microfinance, social enterprise, education and empowerment.

We want to help them make the world a better, safer, fairer and more equal place to work.

For everyone.