Discover the formula for a winning enterprise strategy to improve employee engagement

When it comes to employee engagement, enterprise businesses face a whole different set of challenges than their smaller, less complex counterparts. With spread out workforces, different brands living under one “umbrella” who have different viewpoints and goals, and staff who make just above or at the Living Wage, there's an entirely new set of problems.

To help overcome these challenges, download this eBook to learn more about four larger companies and how they've achieved success:

  • Welcome Break - A large retail organisation that overcame the challenges of having multiple standalone brands into one, and the need to increase disposable income among its lower-paid staff.
  • Atos - A technology company that needed to engage its highly diverse workforce with innovative benefits.
  • Travis Perkins - UK’s largest building merchants that needed to overcome a negative perception of its benefits for a cultural transformation inside the business.
  • Thales - A defence and aerospace supplier that needed to connect its multi-generational workforce by creating a culture of appreciation through strategic recognition.

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