With little budget, how can you boost your Employee Value Proposition?

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) sets you apart from the competition, and gives your best people reason to stay. Paying attention to and constantly evolving your EVP is a key factor in improving employee engagement and creating a more productive workforce. Join this webinar, run in partnership with People Management Insight, to discover the importance of an EVP, plus fresh ideas on how to boost yours, without running over budget - and why that is good news for both your recruitment and retention efforts.

Reward Gateway's Group Reward Director Debra Corey joined other HR experts such as Internal Communications and Engagement Partner at Missguided Glenn Grayson, and Director of Human Capital at Human in HR, Kieran Duhra-Gruncy during the webinar to discuss: 

  • How a world-class EVP can help you stand out as a great place to work, as well as excite, motivate and engage your new starters, veterans and everyone in between.
  • The role employee benefits play in enhancing your EVP and how they can take your people offering to the next level.
  • Ways to build and fund a stand out EVP under budget constraints.
  • How one top UK employer achieved success with an innovative and effective EVP.

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