Help your people get the latest technology

Use a net salary deduction benefit to offer your employees instant access to free financing on great technology products

If you’re looking for a new voluntary benefits offering, our net payroll solution for technology has your back. Help your employees get the latest technology, like computers and laptops, with instant access to free financing on tons of technology products. Our solution is easy to administer and has a wide range of products with the lowest prices on the high street.

Employees can browse or search up to 5,000 products from our trusted partner Currys PC World, just like they would on a typical online shopping site. They then select their items, choose their payment period and receive a redemption voucher. Employees can pick up their technology instantly at their local Currys PC World, or have it delivered to their door. Payments are deducted from their subsequent salary, making it easy to get the latest technology with minimal administration.