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How Greencore connected their offline workforce and helped them save over £10,000 per month with Discounts

Discover how employees saved £118,000 annually through Holiday Trading and Cycle to Work, while Greencore saved £61,000 in National Insurance contributions by working with Reward Gateway

  • £62,000 in employee savings through Cycle to Work, with Greencore saving £27,000 in NI contributions in a year
  • £150,000 saved through Discounts in 12 months
  • Holiday Trading saved employees £56,000 and the organisation £24,000 in National Insurance contributions in one year
  • 24% rise in employees who would recommend Greencore as a 'great place to work'
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Food manufacturing

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Employee Discounts, Holiday Trading, Cycle to Work, Employee Communications, Employee Wellbeing, Reward & Recognition

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What they needed:

With the majority of their 13,500 employees based in manufacturing sites and distribution centres, working offline and often without a company email address, Greencore were facing a challenge in communicating with their workforce and highlighting the benefits that were available to them. The organisation wanted to recognise the hard work of their people through their benefits and give them something back in addition to their salary.

The Rewards team knew that providing these benefits through an accessible and user-friendly platform would be key to driving the uptake they wanted. The team needed a solution that could offer all of their existing and desired benefits in a central hub that was easy to access no matter where the employee worked, and would provide a better experience for communicating with their offline workforce.

How we helped:

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Through Reward Gateway, Greencore created the solution they needed in my core benefits. Built with accessibility and ease of use at the heart of it, my core benefits has provided a one-stop-shop for employees to access Discounts, Wellbeing tools, a Cycle to Work scheme and Holiday Trading amongst other benefits. The platform gives employees the tools they need to access everyday savings, achieving Greencore’s goal of helping them make their money go further each month.

The communication capabilities of my core benefits have also helped the Rewards team at Greencore to drive awareness of their benefits and keep employees updated on company news. Through blog posts, videos and competitions, the team have forged deeper connections with their people and driven higher engagement with their benefits. The platform hosts all of their benefits as well as useful resources such as payslips and other documentation. Built-in reporting and analytics tools have helped identify both their most popular benefits and those that weren’t receiving the usage the team had anticipated. With this information, they were able to tailor their communication and key campaigns to drive engagement to these areas of the platform.

Central to their efforts has been the launch of their Connect+ app, which provided a new touchpoint for offline workers to access their benefits and company news. This has helped to create closer ties and provide a new avenue for communication with Greencore employees across the UK. Connect+ has even become part of Greencore’s induction programme for new employees, ensuring familiarity with benefits from day one and contributing to a culture of appreciation.

Since working with Reward Gateway, we've had 99% of employees register on the platform, and 95% of them are regularly engaging with it. I think those numbers speak for themselves!

What they achieved:

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With awareness and usage as a key objective of my core benefits, Greencore have been delighted with the uptake of the platform and app, with, 95% of employees actively using it, while 41% have downloaded the app – a significant step in the right direction for their offline workforce.

The Rewards team have worked with Reward Gateway to run campaigns that have highlighted specific benefits at certain times of the year, directly signposting ways for employees to save on everyday and significant purchases. Through Discounts, Greencore’s people have saved £150,000 in just one year, on everything from their weekly grocery shops to booking their summer holidays. The provision of a Cycle to Work scheme has also saved employees £62,000 on new bikes in that time, reducing the National Insurance contribution requirements of Greencore by £27,000 at the same time. Holiday Trading has been another hugely popular addition, providing employees with the opportunity to purchase additional annual leave and spread the cost over the year’s salary payments, saving the organisation £24,000 in NI contributions.

Reward Gateway and our platform keep us up to date on what our employees are engaging with, what prospective talent is looking for and how to keep our people happy.

Greencore utilised their platform in December to award their annual Christmas Vouchers to each of their employees. By offering the award through their Reward & Recognition platform, they could provide an easy-to-redeem digital reward to their workforce across the UK – a move that saw 80% of employees use their voucher in just 3 months.

By centralising their benefits through my core benefits and Connect+, Greencore have been able to better reward their people for their hard work and foster deeper connections between the organisation and its people. In their latest surveys, they saw their sustainability engagement index rise by 13% over 3 years, while the number of colleagues who would recommend Greencore as a ‘great place to work’ has climbed by 24%.

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