Add Apricity and leading fertility benefits to Reward Gateway to boost your EVP


Stand out as an employer by supporting employees with their family planning

Reward Gateway offers a seamless way to provide employees with a full spectrum of fertility services from Apricity. Apricity packages medical excellence with personalised human care and the latest technology, to bring the best experience possible and maximise their clients’ chances of success.

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Consider these statistics:

30% of women say they would change jobs (or encourage their partner) to access better fertility benefits coverage

68% of millennial graduates are willing to change jobs to ensure they have fertility coverage


7 ways Apricity supports your people:

1. First-class clinics
Apricity has a trusted network of first-class clinics, doctors and specialists.

2. Care team
In addition to fertility doctors and specialists, Apricity offers fertility counselling, reflexology and nutritional advice.

3. 7/7 Fertility support
Advisors are there for your people 7 days a week to coordinate employees and answer medical questions.

4. Fertility care app
A mobile app offers medication reminders. tailored guidance and treatment assessment.

5. Egg donation expertise
Apricity has over 20 years of fertility experience, alongside the highest egg donation pregnancy rates in the UK.

6. Bespoke journey
Tailored plans to suit the needs of your employees, including managing treatment at a distance.

7. Fertility Predictor®
Apricity provides a free, AI-powered Fertility Predictor® to help employees understand their chances of pregnancy.

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