Improve the customer experience by investing in the employee experience

If you want your employees to provide the understanding and energy required for world-class customer service, they need a people-focussed work environment that supports their mental, financial, social and physical wellbeing. Learn how Cover-More Group, a leading travel insurance and assistance provider, proactively enhances its employee experience by providing first-class employee benefits, recognition and communication. In this eBook, you'll discover:

  • How Cover-More strengthened its quality of customer service and employee engagement and wellbeing by improving communication and helping employees boost disposable income
  • How to unite your people with a centralised, branded engagement platform that houses employee benefits and values-based recognition and communications tools. 
  • How to connect employees and maintain momentum after the launch of a new platform by providing on-the-go, mobile access to recognition moments, company updates and exclusive discounts.

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