The secrets to employee recognition success 

In this webinar, Reward Gateway’s Employee Engagement Consultant, Kylie Terrell, and SVP of Consultancy, Kylie Green, join Cara Jordan, HR Advisor at PYBAR Mining Services, to discuss what effective employee recognition looks like today, including how companies use it to connect with geographically dispersed or even offline workforces, and reinforce their Employee Value Proposition.

By joining you will learn:

  • How to leverage the power of employee recognition to connect with employees and access untapped business insight.
  • How to educate and empower employees and leaders, and help even the most sceptical or unexpected workforces recognise and reward each other.
  • What it takes to design, launch and maintain a programme that not only excites and engages your people today, but also evolves to meet the needs of your business in the future.

Whether you’re new to employee recognition or it’s time to revisit and rethink your reward strategy, this webinar will help you bypass the common mistakes and give you critical insight to take with you on your journey. 

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