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I know, you’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to attend a live HR event again. To feel the anticipation of a day out of the office, focussed solely on learning and networking, without the distractions of working remotely. 

We miss it, too. But whilst we’re unable to host in-person events right now, there are other creative ways to bring our community together and deliver virtual events just as spectacular and full of treats for you and your team!

Coming to a computer screen near you on Wednesday 10th March, the fourth annual Engagement Excellence Summit is a must-attend event for employee engagement professionals looking to learn and share tips and best practice for motivating, supporting and engaging their people. Our Summit has sold out every year, and our attendees always leave brimming with ideas and inspiration for their engagement programmes! Just take a look at last year’s festivity:

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Not sure why you should attend yet? Here are five reasons: 

1. To hear from renowned HR thought leaders such as Josh Bersin, Patty McCord and Kelly Swingler

Excited to attend an event where Josh Bersin, the famous research analyst, is part of the speaker line-up? Buzzing to hear from Patty McCord, the woman behind Netflix’s amazing company culture and author of the best-selling book ‘Powerful’? Eager to see HR leadership through Kelly Swingler’s eyes? 


Well, we’re bringing you the dream speaker line-up at the Virtual Engagement Excellence Summit 2021, when the three of them will join us to share their views and help us map out the new way forward in employee engagement.

2. To discover practical case studies from companies leading the way in employee engagement 

The Summit agenda includes breakout sessions focussed on the most critical business and people goals that UK employers are working to achieve. Our featured speakers from companies leading the way in employee engagement, such as Shell Energy or Homeserve, will share their approaches and inspire you with ideas to support your organisation.

3. To go on a digital trekking experience that will inspire, educate and lead you to the top 

improvement-1Although the Engagement Excellence Summit will be digital this year, you should expect the same exciting experience that will fuel your journey to the top of the mountain through inspirational content, practical advice and a few surprises sprinkled along the way. 

4. To expand your employee engagement knowledge and learn about the new EVP (Employee Value Proposition) 

The world of work has changed forever, and HR leaders have spent the last year adapting, responding and rising to challenges bigger than we ever could have imagined. Now it’s time to embrace the new way forward and understand how this major change has transformed the EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

RG4SB_white_idea_lightbulb_with_white_pencil_on_yellow_backgroundAttending the Virtual Engagement Excellence Summit 2021 will allow you to step back and focus on the big picture of how you can develop your skills and become better in your role, as well as the new strategies you can start applying now to elevate your entire business. 

5. To find solutions to your current business challenges

Whether it’s better connecting a remote workforce, looking for alternatives to pay rises this year or boosting employee morale and productivity, every company is facing different business challenges right now. Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all solution, by attending the Engagement Excellence Summit, you will get inspiration and pick up tangible advice to connect, recognise and support your people through technology.

Ready to reach the Summit? Register for our biggest virtual annual event, get your free ticket today: 

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Cristina Stoica

Cristina Stoica is the UK Growth Marketing Manager. When she’s not putting on her event or digital marketing hats, you can usually find her travelling to new lands, in search of some sunshine.

Growth Marketing Manager

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