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There is so much that goes into building a great company culture and making sure your employees are happy, engaged and loving their job. Step one in this journey is hiring the right people who will be passionate about their role and fit with the company culture. Writing a great job advertisement will make this search a lot easier. Take a look below to see our top five tips for writing a great job advertisement and learn how to attract and hire employees who will be excited to join your company.

 Cross your t's

1. Don’t forget the basics

When people are looking for a new position they have logistical requirements and need to know the position available can work with their life and future plans. Make sure you create an effective job advertisement by including location, responsibilities, type of role, and what type of experience level you’re looking for. You don’t want to end up finding the perfect candidate and realize they can’t take the position because you forgot to include your location. Remember to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

 RG career page

2. Describe your company culture

Be honest about what the company culture is like and what type of person would thrive there. How can you be sure if a candidate will enjoy and be engaged in their new role if they have no idea what the environment is like? If you take a look at our careers page we go into detail about what it’s like to work at RG, include some employee reviews and show our social media activity. Anyone who takes a look would have a good idea of what working with us would mean and if it’s a good fit for them. 

3. Think like a marketer

If you post your job openings on a job board and you’ve used all the tips here it won’t mean all that much if you haven’t made the posting easily searchable. When writing a good job advertisement keep in mind what terms people will search for and what terms won’t work. If you post an opening and you’ve called the position a “customer satisfaction Jedi” but people search for “account manager” then you’ve wasted all your effort. Use the body of your advertisement to be more exciting, different and show some of your company culture.

Social sharing

4. Make sharing easy

If your staff are engaged and you’ve built a great company culture it stands to reason they would be happy to share the job advertisement with their network. An effective job advertisement will make sharing as easy as possible. Make sure that your posting has share buttons for different social media platforms. The next step in this would be to incentivise employees with a referral bonus. If your employees recommend a colleague or friend then they’ve already done part of the recruitment process for you. It’s a great way to save time and money, so make it easy for them to get involved.


5. Include next steps

A good job advertisement will include a call to action at the end, something like a button saying “Apply Here”. This is important as it clearly direct applicants to what they should do next in the application process. It’s also a way to make sure people can follow directions and have some attention to detail.

There are definitely more tips and tricks to keep in mind when writing a job advertisement, but we think if you use the five above you’ll be well on your way to finding the best candidates for your company.

 Do you have other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Adam Isenhart

Adam Isenhart is an Implementation Specialist at Reward Gateway. He fearlessly walked the greasy pole in Gloucester, MA and has a twin sister.


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