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A few weeks ago, we were thrilled to welcome Debra Corey along with a few other guest speakers to revisit one of our most treasured icons: The Engagement Bridge. 

The Engagement Bridge™ is a 10-step strategic model to employee engagement, but it was created by our Founder Glenn Elliot when times were very different, and later modified and documented by Glenn and Debra in 'Build it: The Rebel Playbook to Employee Engagement.' 

The Engagement Bridge

There was no COVID-19, recognition wasn’t out in the open, and communications were old-school and often ignored. Technology has pushed the boundaries of what it means to engage our employees, and this has shifted how we can use the Bridge to adapt our own models of strategic employee engagement, especially in light of a global pandemic and a year-plus of pivots and innovation. 

During the half-day virtual event, Debra Corey unlocked the changes she would make in the Engagement Bridge to adapt to today’s environment and checked in with Glenn to gather his thoughts on how the Bridge could (and should) change in today’s working world. 

Along the way, the Reward Gateway team and Debra explored how to ‘build on’ the areas of company values, employee benefits, reward and recognition and communications. 

If you missed it, we’ve pulled it all together for one binge-worthy experience. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy! 


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Lauren Greyson

Lauren Greyson is a Senior Growth Marketing Manager for Reward Gateway. When she's not smashing it out of the park bringing events to thousands of HR professionals and culture leaders, she's likely traveling. Her top trips include masquerade journeys to different countries around the world. (You should see her mask collection!)

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

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