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Well, the 2020 Engagement Excellence Summit has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we’re done sharing inspirational stories. Whether you were there to experience it or didn’t quite make it, this week we’re doing a Summit takeover to share some of the best talks of the day with you, complete with additional content and a chance to join in our Digital Experience to give you more of our speakers’ stories and successes. 

In the afternoon, HR leader and bestselling author Debra Corey led a panel with other HR leaders to explore the trends that influence the way organisations design and deliver modern employee benefits programmes, with the goal to improve engagement and enhance their overall Employee Value Proposition. 


During the lively discussion, attendees learned about how technology trends are affecting the employee experience and expectations of how to deliver a world-class benefits experience, and principles for designing a high-impact, relevant benefits strategy from organisations such as Welcome Break and KP Snacks.

With decades of experience on the show floor, the panelists also covered how to build a business case and get the buy-in and support you need to put in place a benefits plan to benefit your people. 

Get a firsthand look at the panel, plus a deeper look at the recognition, benefits and technology journey from KP Snacks, a food production company by signing up for the Engagement Excellence Summit Digital Experience

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Another inspiring session was from Great Place to Work, where Managing Director Jonathan Mercer and Chief Operating Officer Benedict Gautrey discussed what it takes to become an employer of choice in today’s shifting EVP landscape.

From analysing hundreds of UK companies, the pair shared their thoughts around what makes organisations stand out to go from 'good' to 'great,' particularly when it comes to an organisation’s communications and reward and recognition strategy. 

Watch their presentation, plus a closer look into how Great Place to Work used its employee engagement platform to boost their own EVP and improve strategic communications with the Digital Experience. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring top tips on prioritising all pillars of employee wellbeing. 

For all of this and more, don’t miss out on our Digital Experience, where we’ll share with you all the content from the 2020 Summit to get excited and inspired about putting a focus on employee engagement. 


Jenny Fyans

Jenny looks after Reward Gateway's client communications and events, providing information, tips and inspiration to help them get the most out of our partnerships. In her spare time, she loves cooking for friends and family.

Head of Client Marketing

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