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modmed-1ModMed is a fast-growing computer software company providing technology and services for physicians to more than 23,000 providers. Because of its tremendous growth, the staff at ModMed went from 300 employees to more than 1,500 employees.

ModMed's headquarters are the central location for all of its corporate functions including marketing, software engineering, finance and HR. Following the acquisitions, the organisation suddenly found it had accumulated a large staff of primarily remote workers, so ModMed wanted to ensure they delivered a positive employee experience to all their employees and began the search for a digital solution.

ModMed employees in Boca Raton

Previously, the company used a manual recognition programme that involved Google form nominations, printing out certificates for winners and gathering to read the recognition aloud. 

As Serena Reno, People Experience Supervisor at ModMed, described the process:

It was fun, but also quite time-consuming and a very manual process. Obviously, that was not scalable and didn’t work once we started to grow by acquisition and employees were located all over the world. 

That’s why when it came time to update their employee recognition programme, Serena created a system that not only streamlined employee appreciation for an ever-growing remote staff but one that would set their people up for success on day one. Working with Reward Gateway, ModMed launched its digital employee recognition programme, the 'Pulse.'

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Combining the power of recognition and communications in one place, The Pulse served two important functions that ModMed believed were vital for employee experience and retention, and that be easily accessible by its remote employees. The platform first created an engaging form of communication that connected employees from across the globe with access to links to the company mission, vision and values, links to commonly asked questions, a calendar listing company events, and chat rooms for employees to discuss things of interest.

Alongside its communications features, The Pulse also provides a solution for outstanding employee recognition. Following along with the company value of 'Align Passion With Purpose,' the platform gives employees several ways to be appreciated for a job well done, for lending a helping hand and for reaching company milestones. 

ModMed eCards mockup

Since the launch, 97% of their employees have sent or received recognition or both, leading to more than 15,000 recognition moments across the business, with more than half of it focussed around reward. What’s more, out of the close to £21k awards issued, more than 70% of awards have been redeemed! Read the full case study here to learn more about ModMed's recognition and communications journey.

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