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In times of high change, it can be all the more important to bring your employees together with transparent communications and show them that you appreciate the hard work that they’re doing. One example we hear from our clients all the time is how to make sure they are engaging employees during a merger and acquisition.

Mergers are an exciting and scary time for any company. Change is difficult – it causes anxiety and stress even in the best of circumstances. So even if you’re thorough with months of careful planning and you’re confident the merger makes all the sense in the world – you might be headed for a complete merger meltdown.

As part of a merger, leaders evaluate and determine how to integrate systems (financial, technological, operational, etc.) yet, what often gets labelled lower priority – and sometimes completely ignored – are the people systems. 


One of our clients, Atos, a global IT services firm with 8,500 employees in the UK and Ireland, has faced this challenge, as much of its growth comes from mergers and acquisitions. 

Creating a strong employer brand — one that its people can be proud of — is critically important to the continued growth of the firm.

In 2014, Atos partnered with us to bring recognition and voluntary benefits into one, unified engagement platform. The Atos-branded “Prosper” employee engagement platform serves as a portal that connects employees with benefits and perks, with recognition as the social driver for participation. 


Read more on the Atos story in Josh Bersin’s report, “Increasing Employee Engagement through Strategic Recognition,” alongside other stories of success. 

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Megan Wiseman

As the Head of Client Success for our Enterprise and Corporate clients, Megan leads a team of talented Client Success Managers who work hand-in-hand with their clients to help them reach their unique business goals through best practice, support and strategy.

Head of Client Success

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