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COVID-19 has brought about many challenges, including how to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees. This is especially true in the manufacturing industry, where essential workers have had to constantly keep up to date with changing policies and company mandates to stay safe on the floor. For Amtico, a global market leader in the design and manufacturing of luxury vinyl tiles, keeping employees informed and connected through the pandemic was critical to ongoing success in the midst of a global pandemic. 


Amtico originally partnered with Reward Gateway in 2017 to centralise benefits and discounts in one platform, so the manufacturing company already had a platform in place at the start of the crisis, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 that the communications features became front and centre. 

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effective communication in manufacturing industryDuring the first week of lockdown, Amtico started using the platform as the main portal for internal communications. Employees could go to the internal communications platform to find company news, vlogs and other informational content. The company successfully engaged its employees and improved company-wide communications, shown by the number of reactions and comments on blogs. Employees especially loved how easy it was for them to use the platform, as they could access it from their phones on the shop floor.

Leaders also added their voices to engagement initiatives, with members of the leadership team contributing regular updates and finding new ways to stay in touch with employees.

The involvement and support from our CEO and senior leadership team has also been fantastic. They’ve taken the opportunity to run Q&A sessions and share weekly updates that go out to the whole organisation and encourage people to respond through the platform. 

amtico engagement platform

That quick decision back in March seems to be working well for Amtico. From a total headcount of around 500 employees, it now regularly receives 200+ hits on posts – a 66% year on year increase. Amtico has clearly struck upon a great way to communicate with a primarily deskless workforce, whilst also providing an open channel for staff feedback and suggestions. 

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