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As a Senior Client Success Manager, I help my team build amazing relationships with hundreds of clients. Every once in awhile, a client story is just too special not to share. Hollard, an insurance organisation, is one of them. 

Hollard’s mission statement — people changing insurance — is one the employees proudly refer to as their “DNA.” As a family-owned business with over 400 employees, it captures Hollard’s people-focused way of doing business, and the importance it places on attracting and retaining employees who are not only capable but willing to innovate and improve the insurance industry.

Rebekah Quince, one of Hollard’s HR Business Partners, had to make a change to meet her goals. Here's what she has to say:

“As a business we really wanted to improve engagement and retention. It’s important to us to ensure our people thought of us as an employer of choice, someone that gives lots of opportunity for our people. We wanted to create a space where there was some form of reward that was outside the annual salary review or bonus. We wanted it to be about the everyday achievements being known and recognised.”

To help create this special space, Hollard partnered with us. And the rest, as they say, is history. 


Download the case study to learn more about Hollard's journey  »

Jessica Telford

Jess Telford heads up the Australia engagement managers, and is famous for her loud infectious laugh around the office.

Senior Client Success Manager

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