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The Gym Group employs more than 2,200 people across its 206 gyms in the UK. The company's goal is to provide an affordable, contract-free gym that is open 24/7 to break down barriers that might hold many people back from their goals.

Since more than 75% of its workforce are deskless employees without access to a computer, The Gym Group faced the challenge of keeping employees engaged, recognised and informed on company news. These employees are essential talent consisting of fitness trainers who are running fitness classes, performing member services and ensuring things remain clean, safe, and legal – but this demographic had a higher turnover than desired.

It was particularly important to find new ways to keep this group engaged and improve their retention

The team gathered feedback from employees to ensure their employees' needs would be met by new initiatives, and found that the majority of employees preferred things that were quick and accessible, especially when it came to communications and recognition.

CORE platform mockup

Bradley Martin, Engagement Manager at The Gym Group says,

“[Our employees] want a place where they can be informed and be connected, through our smart blogs and our hubs, where they can recognise and be recognised, and a place where they can get some decent perks and some tasty discounts.”

Working with Reward Gateway, the team launched a new recognition and communications platform called 'CORE.' CORE makes it easy for employees to send and receive peer-to-peer recognition through eCards and view company-wide news through the blog feature on the platform, while also showcasing the organisation's brand and culture. The platform also supports employee wellbeing with a Wellbeing Centre, where employees can access recipes and videos to promote their mental and physical health. 

eCards on CORE platform

CORE has seen great success, with the completion of their engagement surveys increasing to reach 88%. From those surveys they were able to determine that they had a 14% increase in employee engagement. Overall, engagement metrics improved year over year in the areas of recommending The Gym Group as a great place to work (66%, improving by 3%) and that its employees feel energised when doing their job (58%, improving by 7%). Read the full case study here to learn more about The Gym Group's recognition and communications journey.


Interested in how to transform your recognition strategy? Get in touch with us and a member of our team can walk you through how our solutions can help to recognise and connect a deskless workforce.

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Annabel Sargeant

Annabel is a Corporate Client Success Manager at Reward Gateway.

Corporate Client Success Manager

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