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Netwealth is one of Australia’s leading wealth and portfolio management companies, and with 500 employees working across multiple divisions. When the company noticed that staff weren’t engaging with its previous discounts offering, the team decided to look for a new platform that could match Netwealth’s needs while driving retention. 

An internal survey revealed that staff wanted a much wider range of benefits that would cater to a broad workforce demographic. The platform needed to feel relatable to everyone so that Netwealth could ensure buy-in and a good level of adoption across the entire workforce.

Ongoing support was an important factor, too, so that Netwealth could customise the platform when needed and experiment with new initiatives to maximise engagement.

Netwealth employee discounts mockup

Netwealth partnered with Reward Gateway to collate a variety of attractive benefits and discounts that would meet the expectations of Netwealth’s wide-ranging workforce. It was crucial that staff could easily browse through vouchers, discounts, Cashback options and tech deals to find great offers that appealed to their individual interests, something which was made possible through the customisable employee discounts platform, dubbed ‘WorkPerks.’

The team wanted to take their Employee Value Proposition to the next level to stand out as an employer of choice in the industry, so details like mobile optimisation, single-sign-on access and wellbeing content were all essential to developing a world-class EVP. The platform's Wellbeing Centre offers workout videos, mediation tools, recipes and more to provide extra support to employees.

WorkPerks wellbeing centre mockup

87% of Netwealth’s entire workforce are now registered users on the platform, which is a result of the team’s extensive promotion of the platform. In the first year of using the platform, employees spent £360k through the platform and saved £21k. Impressively, the organisation has seen a 180% ROI on their overall programme.

Read the full case study to learn more about Netwealth's employee discounts journey.

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