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This week we’re doing a Summit takeover to share some of the best talks of the day with you, complete with additional content and a chance to join in our Digital Experience to give you more of our speakers’ stories and successes. 

In case you missed out, check out more on KP Snacks and Great Place to work, where the sessions focussed on improving your Employee Value Proposition and employee experience. 

The definition of employee wellbeing has evolved — where it once was all about improving the physical health of your employees, many organisations choose to focus on several pillars of wellbeing for a more holistic approach to employee wellness that benefits their people. We’ve talked before about our own approach to the pillars of employee wellbeing, but Trayport and Tower Hamlet Homes have their own unique perspectives with takeaways that organisations can put in place right away. 

The morning explored first how Trayport, a technology company, raised awareness for mental health in the workplace through the launch of its wellbeing strategy. The result?


A 26% decrease in sickness absence and the title of our Engagement Excellence Award winner for Best Wellbeing Strategy.

Named the 'Reboot + Recharge' programme, it comprised three pillars: Mental and emotional wellbeing, mindfulness and relaxation and exercise and nutrition.  

To learn more about Trayport’s wellbeing journey, including access to its full case study with details of the programme, make sure you sign up for the Digital Experience: 

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To further explore employee wellbeing, Head of People Services at Tower Hamlet Homes Stephen Phillpott shared the organisation's approach to work-life “balance” and how employers can support employee mental and financial wellbeing through cost-neutral initiatives and targeted programmes. 


An innovative launch plan helped propel the social housing organisation to new heights with more than 80% employee involvement and taking part in ways to improve their financial wellbeing through free financing on technology and whitegoods

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post featuring a spotlight on purpose, mission and values. 

For all of this and more, don’t miss out on our Digital Experience, where we’ll share with you all the content from the 2020 Summit to get excited and inspired about putting a focus on employee engagement. 


Jenny Fyans

Jenny looks after Reward Gateway's client communications and events, providing information, tips and inspiration to help them get the most out of our partnerships. In her spare time, she loves cooking for friends and family.

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