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We’re wrapping up our Summit takeover today. This week, we’ve shared some of the best talks of the day with you, complete with additional content and a chance to join in our Digital Experience to give you more of our speakers’ stories and successes. 

In case you missed out, check out more on KP Snacks and Great Place to work where and from Trayport and Tower Hamlet Homes for wrap-ups on improving your EVP and focussing on employee wellbeing.

The afternoon brought around Marcus Lamont, HR Director at NAHL Group who presented on a more controversial topic, “Are mission, purpose and values just smoke and mirrors?” He walked through his views on the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet and his passion for staff engagement and recognition. 

Catch all of Marcus’s talk by signing up for the Digital Experience and exploring more about how NAHL Group has brought success to its engagement and recognition strategy


Get access to the Digital Experience »Earlier that day, attendees had the opportunity to hear from Glenn Grayson of Missguided on creative ways to communicate employee benefits. The organisation has a constant flow of new initiatives so keeping its internal communications platform up to date, alongside other forms of employee communications, is key to getting employees engaged and interested in what makes Missguided a great place to work. 

With a mostly millennial workforce, Missguided has had to dig deep for new ways to communicate their benefits and other people initiatives for maximum take up and engagement.

Learn more about Missguided’s communications strategy, defined as “simplicity, storytelling and a dollop of fun” in the full Summit Digital Experience: 


We also welcomed Tunde Banjoko, OBE from Making the Leap, who discussed the ongoing conversation of being open and honest about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He welcomed onstage Geoffrey Williams from Rocking Ur Teens and Wendy Lyons of Human Assets to share their opinions and advice with the audience. 

Take a look at the lively panel discussion below: 


For all of this and more, don’t miss out on our Digital Experience, where we’ll share with you all the content from the 2020 Summit to get excited and inspired about putting a focus on employee engagement. 


Jenny Fyans

Jenny looks after Reward Gateway's client communications and events, providing information, tips and inspiration to help them get the most out of our partnerships. In her spare time, she loves cooking for friends and family.

Head of Client Marketing

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