What's the missing puzzle piece you need to boost your EVP? 

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is made up of all the things that make your organisation unique. And although you can control many parts of your EVP, there are still many factors that impact employee retention that are out of a company's control – like policy changes in the government or a country's financial climate. 

In particular, the food and beverage industry has seen a reduction in the overall talent pool, which highlights the need for organisations to have an employee retention strategy in place to boost their EVP. In this highlight, join Charley O'Toole, Head of HR at Bill's, as she discusses:

  • The importance of keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront in your people strategy to continue growing and expanding.
  • Ways to improve employee retention in the hospitality and food and beverage industry with specific examples.
  • The importance of putting your people at the centre of everything you do and showing your support in difficult times.

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