Nurturing employee morale and supporting wellbeing

In a recent poll, HR leaders identified maintaining employee morale and supporting wellbeing as the top priority in the near future. As the environment around us rapidly evolves, how can leaders access the tools and strategies they need to support their employees and their business during this time of adjustment?

Watch the recording to discover how to:

  • Strengthen culture and connect employees as businesses work harder than ever to connect new remote teams and essential workers.
  • Reinforce your purpose and mission, and equip leaders within your organisation to inspire and innovate now and in the future.
  • Embrace innovation and creativity to find new ways to recognise and support your people.
  • Proactively support your employees’ wellbeing, whether physically, financially or mentally.


  • Ben Waterfield, Engagement Manager at Dunelm
  • John Frith, HR Director at
  • Ian Pettigrew, Director & Coach at Kingfisher Coaching
  • Alex Powell, Director of Culture & Engagement at Reward Gateway

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