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It's a great feeling, kicking off your employee engagement plan. If you've adopted an employee engagement platform, you're off to an even better start.

Building out a successful employee engagement platform is a pivotal part of getting the most out of your employee engagement road map. 

As a client services manager, I pride myself on helping our customers achieve high engagement on their SmartHubs, which deliver an all-in-one employee engagement platform. Since I’m a bit of a Reward Gateway veteran (I just celebrated five years!), I thought we could take a look at my tried-and-true tips on how to create a (near) perfect platform. 

Let's get started. 

  1. Make the login one-step. 
    The first step to a smooth employee experience is the login experience. It needs to be turnkey, and easily accessible, or else employees won’t use the platform. With our  employee engagement platform you can customise this experience by giving your employees the chance to link an existing social account including Yammer, LinkedIn, Google and Facebook. This way they can log in to the platform for discounts, communication or recognition from their work computer, home laptop, smart phone with just one click. No more remembering clunky passwords - that's my favourite part.

  2. Make it your brand.
    Your company is unique with its own special brand, and your employee engagement platform should reflect that. Our SmartHub™ is fully customisable to better reflect your culture, brand and values. The first step to achieving this is customising the main elements of the platform, such as the name of it, logo creation, a dedicated URL and using your own corporate palette, too.

    (A great example of how to customise your platform, from our friends at Krispy Kreme in Australia!)

  3. Communicate in the right way
    Different people like to be communicated to in different ways and everyone wants eye-catching information. Try to find a platform that includes varying types of communications channels. You can include a mix of explainer text, downloadable documents, video content and imagery. Using a mix of media creates a great user experience for all of your employees and allows them to navigate the site (and digest content) how they’re used to.

  4. Customise the content to the individual
    For a great user experience you need more than varying media types, each employee will want to see information that is relevant to them. Our platform means you can show specific information to specific groups of employees. So if Brad from the Sydney office doesn’t want to see a homepage focused on the Melbourne holiday party, he doesn’t have to! Have different benefits for different employees? No problem. our employee engagement platform can show different to content to people in different locations, departments, benefits group and any other criteria you may have.

  5. Showcase all the great things you offer your employees
    You spend a lot of time and effort sourcing and implementing the right benefits, perks and other platforms for your employees. So showcase them in the right way. With Reward Gateway's platform, a fully customisable homepage lets you highlight key vendors on the homepage with branded tiles. These seamlessly link into other websites and accounts, such as other benefits companies you might be working with. 

Even if you're using technology to jumpstart your employee engagement strategy, it's important to use it in the right way. If you don’t have a SmartHub platform to play around with, we can help with that. Just get in touch and we can talk further about how we can help you.

Bekkie Wetz

Bekkie is our Global Solutions Marketing Manager (formerly our client success queen). She's a big fan of workplace culture and what keeps employees happy.

Global Product Success Manager

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