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I’ve spoken before about the need to be 'user-first' at Reward Gateway, and how, as part of our product manifesto, we put our customer at the heart of everything we do.

This focus has never been more important than today, when we know that HR and reward professionals are stressed – a recent survey points to 71% of global HR leaders reporting that 2020 has been the most stressful year in their career. Our mission at Reward Gateway is to make the world a better place to work, for everyone who uses our technology, whether that’s for HR professionals, or for your people.

We understand the challenges facing HR who need to promote the use of benefits, manually process applications, juggle various election windows and be on-call to assist frustrated employees who don’t understand where or how to access their benefits. And for those employees who are sick of endless log-ins and a poor benefits experience, we know that poor technology is preventing them from taking advantage of all the things that make their organisation a great employer.

When it comes to elevating the employee benefits experience, whether through administration or through the front-end, technology can be the catalyst to making HR the hero of their organisation for their teams and for their people. 

And more and more rewards professionals are realising this, with 45% surveyed understanding the need to be more involved with a digital transformation in their business. 

That’s why today I’m excited to announce an extension of our world-class employee benefits platform to introduce the tools to simplify and consolidate flexible benefits, dramatically improving the employee (and reward professional) experience when it comes to benefits administration. 

2020_Employee benefits-Slalom2

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We’ve made sure that our technology integrates with any third-party flexible benefits provider, reducing administration time and driving coveted increased benefits uptake. 

HR and Reward professionals are being challenged to do more with less – with 42% of those surveyed in a recent report that acknowledged they were facing an uphill battle to accomplish more in their business with fewer resources, and less time and money. 

While it seems like an impossible feat, I’m here to tell you that it can be done with the right HR technology on your side. Your benefits can now sit alongside your communications and other engagement initiatives such as reward and recognition or surveys, on a platform purpose-built for repeat visits from your employees. 

Our newly enhanced platform can help streamline a range of benefits, everything from simple offerings such as a season ticket loan, or more complex offerings such as pension management and private medical insurance. We’ve seen this tech produce an increase in benefits uptake of up to 300%. Now that’s something that we know reward professionals will love to tell their CFOs! 

total rewards statement example from reward gateway

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Understanding the full value of employee benefits, at a glance

Employees (and their employer) can now evaluate the full value of their rewards package with our digital and real-time Total Reward Statement, which makes it easy for employees to see their full, tailored benefits picture, even for non-monetary benefits or those not on offer from Reward Gateway, and are able to apply right then and there.

When employees use the platform, they’ll be guided to similar benefits on offer in that category, for example choosing a medical insurance provider through their flexible benefits pot, they might then be guided toward filling in details around their dental or life insurance. 

They can fill out the necessary details right on the platform, with immediate understanding of how it impacts their tax or NI savings. 

I hope that these changes will make employees spend more time exploring, understanding and engaging with the benefits on offer through your benefits platform, for a one-stop-shop to engage with everything that makes your organisation a great place to work. 

If you’re interested in setting up your own flexible benefits platform, or how we can help drive higher engagement with your existing benefits, the team is here to help. Reach out to my colleagues to set up a conversation: 

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Sevil Rahimova

Sevil is the Head of Product at Reward Gateway. She's obsessed with user experience (UX) and creating exceptional product experiences for our current and future clients.

Head of Product

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