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Recognition is a basic human need and we all like to be appreciated for the hard work we do. This is especially true in the workplace – recognition is a key ingredient to improving morale and boosting motivation.

One organization in particular, Digestive Health Associates of Texas, P.A. (DHAT), a healthcare organization, focusing on caring for patients’ digestive health needs, has been raising the standards in GI care since 1996 and found that it needed to raise its recognition standards as well.

DHAT saw the power that employee recognition had to transform its culture, connect its employees and reduce turnover. 

With 500 employees spread out across 60 offices in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas, DHAT took the first step towards uniting and connecting employees under one brand with a centralized employee engagement platform, called Digest This!.  

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It’s on the platform that employees can find peer-to-peer and manager-led recognition and reward tools – including eCards based on their core values, such as "Deliver an exceptional patient experience." These recognitions live on a social recognition wall, which increases visibility and boosts connections among employees, as well as helps the organization make recognition more public.


Another key piece of the R&R puzzle is award nominations. In the past, the team used to see about three to five nominations for the Employee of the Quarter award. Since launching Digest This!, there’s been an overwhelming number of nominations and the team has changed the program to Employee of the Month. And the nominations keep rolling in.

2019_Digest This_Tablet Mockup_US

In the first month of launch, employees have sent 149 peer-to-peer eCards as well as 49 nominations for the awards program – demonstrating a real shift towards creating a culture of continuous recognition.

Read the full DHAT launch story for a deeper dive into how the organization is helping employees stay connected from any location through a centralized, all-in-one employee engagement platform.

Ryann Redmond

Ryann Redmond is an Employee Engagement Consultant at Reward Gateway and has been working with business leaders to make their environments a better place to work for more than five years. She is a self-proclaimed coffee snob and mom of two boys… hence the coffee.

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